Our strategic review methodology enables us to gain a complete understanding of you business so we can help you grow it

Our partner group has a developed a methodical approach to building a brand.

Our approach is based on building a complete understanding of the client’s business through a methodical review and definitions process.

This approach stems entirely from the belief that drives all of our thinking—“Nothing happens until something is sold.”

To us, it is clear and obvious that nothing can be properly sold until there is a complete understanding of the entire business.

The ultimate brand is the ultimate salesperson. It embodies and communicates the totality of the understanding of the business through every single aspect of the company.

Therefore, before the ultimate brand can be built, a complete understanding of the business must be achieved by those responsible for building the brand elements.

Our Strategic Review and Brand Development Process ensures that we develop a complete understanding of your business. This process consists of six phases:

     Phase 1: Review and Understanding
     Phase 2: Definitions
     Phase 3: Creative Concepts
     Phase 4: Creative Production
     Phase 5: Implementation
     Phase 6: Review and Modification

Our methodology polls every relevant person.

It consolidates every relevant thought. It creates a consensus of solutions, having taken into account everyone’s needs.

Our methodology enables us to identify:

  • Your company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Prospects’ “moose calls” and objections

The expression “moose call” is a great expression. Basically, it means: if you’re going to hunt moose, you don’t use a duck caller—you use a moose caller.

Once we identify a prospect’s “moose call” we are able to ensure that all the branded materials serve as a “moose caller.”

We continue to be shocked by the number of companies who are using “duck callers” to hunt moose—they don’t know their prospect’s “moose call.”

Another part of our methodology involves sweating the details. We are well aware that this is an overused expression. However, we do not use it lightly.

Any client who has worked with our group will confirm that no group has worked harder to help them grow their business.

We see our work as art—carefully crafted to sell product. It’s this attitude that motivates our passion to sculpt the ultimate brand for our clients.