These six review phases are key to making sure that the untapped resources lying dormant within your company are awakened

PHASE 1: Review and Understanding

Part A: Interviews
Part B: Gathering and review of materials
Part C: Physical visits

PHASE 2: Definitions

Part A: Analysis
Part B: Categorization and organization
Part C: Distillation

PHASE 3: Creative Concepts

Part A: Writing of the strategic review document
Part B: Creation of the brand elements and visual toolkit
Part C: Presentation of Strategic Review Document, Visual Toolkit and Art Boards

PHASE 4: Creative Production

Part A: Design, layout and writing of all initial corporate, marketing, sales and training materials that will carry the brand.
Part B: Printing and production
Part C: Distribution of materials

PHASE 5: Implementation

Part A: Roll-out to customers
Part B: Staff training
Part C: Systems integration

PHASE 6: Review and Modification

Part A: Review of effectiveness of initial materials
Part B: Modifications as necessary
Part C: On-going creation of corporate, marketing, sales, and training materials


Our experience has been that most companies do not understand the importance of the six phases of developing and maintaining a brand.

Most companies are overly focused on Phase 3, The Creative Phase, because it is the most tangible.

We have proven that the “intangible” Phases 1 and 2 are what determine whether the brand becomes an average brand or the ultimate brand.

As previously stated, the brand should be considered the ultimate salesperson.

The ultimate salesperson would first review and understand everything about the company, its competitors, and the marketplace.

The ultimate salesperson would fully define exactly what he/she is selling. Then, and only then, would he/she begin selling.

A person who begins selling without completing Phases 1 and 2 would be a “glib” salesperson.

Therefore, a company that wants to develop the ultimate brand must be totally committed to their marketing and creative teams executing all six phases in full.