Vodafone is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications network companies supporting the world’s largest community of mobile phone users.

The relationship between Vodafone and our New Zealand affiliate—Creative Juice (operated by Global Strategic Partners Steve Dunlop and Chris Hardy)—and other participants in the Vodafone brand development process created radical improvements in results for Vodafone in both New Zealand and Australia.

Creative Juice was chosen as Vodafone New Zealand's Retail Advertising Agency in 1998 and, subsequently, Vodafone Australia's Retail Advertising Agency in 2001. Those two incredibly fluid, fast-paced, friendly relationships continued for eight and five years respectively, until Agency re-alignment reared its ugly head!

Our work encompassed store design, over 100 television commercials, radio, press, catalogues, collateral, all in-store POS, packaging, media planning, print management, online ads, retail website, staff sales tools, in-store TV, billboards, branding and management of all POS distribution to 750 stores nationwide.

While working with Vodafone, the following marketing results were achieved...

  • Vodafone grew from a 20% market share in 1999 to a 48% share in 2003.
  • Vodafone competitor Telecom saw its market share fall from 80% in 1999 to a 48% share.
  • In 1999 Vodafone had 145,600 customers. In just three years, Vodafone grew to over 1.3 million customers—an incredible 900% growth in customer numbers.
  • Vodafone’s prepaid customers spent 354% more each year than Telecom’s prepaid customers.
  • Vodafone's monthly accounts spent 207% more each year than Telecom’s monthly accounts.
  • Vodafone achieved an astounding 98% brand awareness in New Zealand in just three years.