Flextronics is the leading Electronics Manufacturing Services provider in the world with revenues of $30 billion and over 200,000 employees.

Global Strategic Partners provided Strategic Consulting and Brand Development services to Instrumentation Engineering (IE) which was acquired by Flextronics in 2001.

  • In 1996, we helped IE define the automated test industry which allowed IE to assume an industry leadership position despite the existence of larger competitors.
  • In 1999, which was the beginning of the most explosive growth phase of the new optical network, we helped IE define the optical test category and transition their business into the category.
  • The positioning statement—“Enabling the Economy of Light”—and associated sales messages, which we developed for IE, were presented to the industry using spectacular printed materials and other marketing tools.
  • As a result, revenues grew an unprecedented 1,000% over a three year period.
  • In 2001, as a result of its success, IE was acquired by Flextronics and became known as Flextronics Test. 

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