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PFAELZER BROTHERS is the famous steak cataloger in Chicago, Illinois (owned by ConAgra). They offer an amazing array of steaks, fine gourmet foods and gifts.

After a national search, we were selected by ConAgra to completely reorganize their struggling catalog.

  • We analyzed and revised the mail plan, reducing the circulation by 500,000, which permitted us to create a larger catalog that was mailed to the house list and prospects for the same budget as that of the previous year.
  • We completely revamped their catalog giving it an exciting new look (without disenfranchising previous buyers) and expanded it from 40 pages to 72 pages.
  • Sales per thousand to buyers increased by 15%.
  • Sales per thousand to prospects increased by 300%.
  • After nine years of consecutive losses, ConAgra was able to sell the now very profitable Pfaelzer Brothers business unit to Hickory Farms.

Mike Doepke
President, ConAgra
Consumer Direct

“The catalog strategic analysis work, design, copy and new prod- uct introductions were outstanding.

“The results were dramatic. Sales per thousand to our house list in- creased by 15%, and by 300% to prospects! This meant we could now prospect at a profit.

“After four years of flat perform- ance, our catalog was now operat- ing at record profit levels.”

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