Global Partners Have Executed Projects in New York, NY

Global Partners Have Executed Projects in New York, NY


If there’s an award for the best entry in the competition—this catalog should receive it

The following extracts from Catalog Age describe the judges reaction to our Gold Award Winning catalog: Balducci’s. They best encapsulate the impact that our strategic creative work had on some of the most experienced marketing minds in the world.

“It’s a tour de force”. “I love this book.”

“This catalog is everything a catalog should be...”

“It’s appealing, entertaining, informative, enthusiastic and convincing. If there’s an award for the best entry for the entire competition, the Balducci’s catalog should receive it. It’s totally scrumptious...”

“Right from the start, this catalog works hard to build a relationship with the customer. I almost expect Mama Balducci to answer the phone when I call to place an order, and urge me to eat more.”

“The merchandising is fabulous. The photography is incredible. The food looks fantastic…”

We have used the example of the Balducci’s food catalog not to place a limitation on the readers’ view of our ability to sell their product, but rather the opposite. At the time our partners were asked to develop the Balducci’s brand, the catalog was a money-losing division at risk of being shut down with sales below $1 million per annum.

To convince mail order buyers that they could order such sophisticated prepared foods by mail was an unprecedented challenge. Balducci’s catalog division became a multi-million dollar division and a critical part of Balducci’s continued growth.

Catalog selling is by far the most difficult of all selling, as no physical sales person ever calls.

“But pictures alone—even Balducci’s superb pictures don’t tell the whole story. That’s left to the catalog’s enticing copy, which romances each dish in appetizing detail.”

“Copy is thorough, but even better, it’s entertaining. It’s got gusto...”

“You get the impression that the Balducci's not only care about getting your order, but they also want to be of service.”

“It’s a strong sell all the way through.”

“Food—and non-food—catalogers could take lessons from this book.”

The judges say, “Bravo, Balducci’s!”

The brand development principles that were applied to achieve this result have been applied to every brand development project we have executed. These principles have consistently delivered double-digit increases in response across various industries including: paper, motivation and recognition, safety, signs, office equipment, dry cleaning, clothing, financial services and technology.