Global Partners Have Executed Projects in Australia

Global Partners Have Executed Projects in Australia


As we believe there is nothing higher than highest—this is what we constantly strive for

One of the keys to the success of developing the ultimate brand is being able to stand outside of the day-to-day details of a client company to maintain a macro view. At the same time, we recognize how critical it is to be readily available and to be deeply involved and integrated in a company when necessary.

As clients have invariably been located throughout the world, we have had to solve the challenge of how to make ourselves available to a client instantly without involving our partners or our client’s executives in extensive travel.

Our Digital Infrastructure

In 1999, the partners constructed a digital infrastructure utilizing the world’s most leading-edge technologies. At the time, we knew of no other creative group of any size that had created such a structure.

This infrastructure consisted of a broadband network connecting clients and partners with video, voice and data—worldwide, 24/7/365.

The video conference platform gave the client and our partners instant access to each other for meetings, brainstorming sessions, training sessions, presentations, reviews, and any on-the-fly, face-to-face conversations that may arise.

The video conference equipment allowed for point-to-point conferences and also allowed multiple locations to participate in a single interactive conference.

The network incorporated IP telephony allowing clients to phone and fax a single phone number to reach any partner at any office, anywhere in the world.

This technological achievement represented a milestone in the development of our partnership. Both clients and partners were astounded at the level of collaboration resulting from the utilization of the technology.

Today, such technologies are readily available, yet we are surprised at how few businesses choose to utilize them to the level we do to enable face-to-face meetings, 24/7/365.

We are committed to being fully integrated into a client’s business while being able to maintain the independence that is essential to our maintaining a macro view of the business.

We achieve this through the use of the global digital infrastructure—video, IP phones, PC desktop sharing, etc.